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About Our Warranty

We are very proud of our trees excellent 99% success rate.

With each olive tree we sell we offer a 6 month limited warranty for FREE!

Add an extended warranty of an additional 6 months for a small fee.

These warranties include a replacement tree plus shipping if we did your original delivery.

*Conditions on these warranties are:

The original tree must be planted and watered properly.

Installation & Watering

-Hole must be 2 feet wider than root ball.

-Place 6 inches of gravel under root ball.

-Remove plastic and leave burlap in place.

-After tree is set undo burlap and leave in the bottom of hole.

-When filling hole with dirt, water heavily.

-Build an 8 inch berm around tree.

-Fill berm with water until it stays full once a week for the first 6 months.

-No herbicides or pesticides for 6 months. 

All of our warranties can be passed on to your clients making our trees an even better deal.

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