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Premier Wholesale Olive Trees is operated out of Fresno & Tulare Counties here in California, and has thousands of beautiful field grown, mature olive trees for sale. One thing that sets Premier Wholesale Olive Trees apart from our competitors is that we only sell our beautiful mature olive trees wholesale; to licensed contractors, engineers, architects, and nurseries. We do this because we value our clients, and hope to instill a long term relationship of trust and honest business practices. We are not a landscaper, we are simply a specimen olive tree supplier and we know our business and understand our clients.

We want you to know that we will not undercut you or intentionally sell you an unhealthy tree. In fact, we have such confidence in the health and hardiness of our specimen olive trees that we offer warranties that are the BEST in the business. You’ll get our 6 month limited warranty at no cost; and if we deliver your original tree, we'll include free shipping on the replacement tree at no charge.

We personally ship our trees in house throughout the State of California which means that you get the absolute most experienced tree delivery drivers because you get us; someone who understands the unique challenges of delivering and off loading large olive trees.
Please feel free to contact our sales team anytime if you should have questions, need a bid, or would like to tour our groves. 

Check out our warranty!

An example of our beautiful field grown mature olive trees.

Why Use Us?

  • -  Our Warranty is transferable to your client and includes shipping when we shipped the original tree.

  • -  You have no out of the pocket expenses.

  • -  We ship directly to the job site, no double handling of the trees. 

    -Confidentiality, we keep your pricing confidential and don’t need or want to know your clients information.

    -We are a olive tree wholesaler only. Wedon’t install trees.

    -We have a 99% success rate. 

On the fence?  Are these mature olive trees right for your landscaping project?  You can tour our orchard and see for yourself.  We know that when you see the health, size, and beauty of our trees you will love them!  You're welcome to come to our orchard and hand pick the tree(s) of your choice or leave it to our experienced sales team to do it for you.  We have thousands of mature manzanillo olive trees to choose from.  Manzanillo olives are smaller olives that are great for curing or oil pressing.  Also ask about our beautiful mature sevillanos.  They provide the same beautiful knarly trunk that the manzanillos have but produce larger sevillano olives. 

Premier Wholesale Olive Trees * Fresno * California * Phone: (559) 217-1242 * Fax: (559) 283-8697

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